The medical division has specialist expertise in the design and manufacture of innovative equipment for the medical, science and research communities. Including cutting-edge products for medical diagnostic equipment; high performance pressure, vacuum vessels and composite materials for research organisations;  superconducting magnets and helium-free cryogenic systems.

Medical Brands

Scientific Magnetics

Scientific Magnetics operates at the cutting edge of superconducting technology. They design, manufacture, test and install bespoke superconducting magnet systems and helium-free magnet systems for academic and commercial medical applications and research.

Composite Products

With extensive experience in the composite industry, Composite Products Limited provides world class advanced composite components for global industries.

Stainless Metalcraft

The Stainless Metalcraft Chinese facilities are devoted solely to the wider groups volume customers’ products.  Focussed currently on the Medical Imaging Components market, and with full support from the UK, they are able to offer customers a truly global capability to satisfy modern logistical and commercial demands.


For more than three decades Tecmag has been creating advanced,  modular products for magnetic resonance spectroscopy.  Tecmag manufacture NMR, NQR & MRI instrumentation including nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers and full consoles, system upgrades, and solid-state NMR / NQR probes.