energy and medical division
Hayward Tyler - (UK, US, China and India)
Inventors of many world-firsts, including the Gland-less Boiler Circulating Pump and Submersible motors. We have unsurpassed experience and engineering know-how in the design, manufacture and servicing of performance critical fluid-filled electric motors and pumps for difficult to handle fluids and applications throughout the global energy sector. We have 2,300 BCPs installed worldwide - more than any other manufacturer - and have designed and built the World’s most advanced deepwater submersible motor. We are trusted supplier for the markets served, with bases in the UK, the USA, China and India, and a preferred supplier for solving complex engineering problems for high-pressure, high-temperature fluid handling.


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Peter Brotherhood - (UK)
Designs, manufactures, installs and services specialist turbines, compressors and CHP solutions used in the power generation, marine, sugar, petrochemical and processing, waste-to-energy, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and oil & gas markets globally. A world leader in turbo generators for FPSO vessels, including the worlds largest of 27 MW and have supplied steam turbines to many of the world’s leading FPSO operators including Woodside, SBM, Bluewater, Saipem, Aker, Fred Olsen and Maersk. Peter Brotherhood is the UK’s only producer of steam turbines with an output up to 40MW, which has applications in waste heat recovery, the FPSO and FLNG markets and the Royal Navy Astute class submarine new build programme. Peter Brotherhood steam turbines provide over 1000 MW of installed power in Waste-to-Energy Power Plants and have in excess of 500 machines installed in the cane sugar industry. Over the last 20 years, Peter Brotherhood have designed, built and installed over 60 bespoke CHP and Trigeneration schemes delivering energy cost savings and emissions reductions.


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Metalcraft, Maloney Metalcraft and Whiteley Read - (UK and China)
Design and manufacture of safety-critical equipment for the energy, medical, science and research communities worldwide, specialising in oil and gas extraction and processing equipment, nuclear process plant, nuclear decommissioning containers, precision pressure and vacuum vessels and associated sub-assemblies and systems. The Whiteley Read subsidiary of Metalcraft are world experts in the design and manufacture of high-integrity pressure vessels for process and storage in power generation, upstream and downstream oil and gas industries.


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Scientific Magnetics - (UK)
World leaders in superconducting magnets and cryogenic systems used for academic and commercial research, particularly in the areas of fundamental physics, materials development and magnetic resonance, including cryogen-free design variants. Our products are used for MRI/NMR systems, solid state physics instruments and magnetic separation systems.


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Composite Products - (UK)
Design and manufacture of high strength-to-weight ratio critical components combining metallic and non-metallic precision structures in the most demanding of applications in defence, industrial, medical, and automotive sectors. A licensed provider of unique and patented braided thermoplastic tubular components.


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Crown International - (UK))
Design and manufacture of pole and enclosure systems, known as the 'Crown Pole' for roadside safety cameras and Smart Motorways, as well as rail track signalling gantries and roadside signage poles for motorways and major trunk roads. The business holds an exclusive licence for the supply of patented technologies in the emerging field of Carbon Sequestration and Reuse.

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